21st Century Dr. Moreau Wants to Manufacture Humans as 'Pod-Babies'

Making Pod-babies (Credit: EctoLife)
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In the 1978 version of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” space aliens reseed the earth by birthing humans from pods. “The Matrix” envisioned pod-humans who only exist for a Matrix. “Oblivion” featured the same two humans created over and over again in pods. The dozens of movies with the fictional humans gestating in pods were science fiction but also horror films. Nothing like that horror was contemplated for real life. Until now.


The left has made a concerted effort to minimize and erase the role of women and to end the corporeal existence of women, beginning with their most basic biology – that of life-givers. A man named Hashem Al-Ghaili is “a molecular biotechnologist, science communicator” and he’s proposing that women and their wombs are no longer needed to create a human being. He wants to manufacture people in pods, and he wants to do it en masse.

Al-Ghaili produced a slick video proposing “EctoLife,” the “world’s first artificial womb facility, powered entirely by renewable energy.” With thumping techno music, the video takes the viewer through Al-Ghaili’s dream of manufactured pod-babies — manufactured like eggplants in a garden. If you notice the “lights” illuminating the pods look a lot like the pods in the movie “Aliens,” you’d be right.

Reuters fact-checked and determined that “EctoLife” didn’t exist… right now. Al-Ghaili told Reuters:

“This is a concept and not a rea[l]-life company”

Reuters went on to explain that, sure, scientists have experimented with the idea but EctoLife isn’t real. Not yet.

“Scientists have studied the possibility of developing life outside of the womb. One such example was research with extremely premature lambs by neonatologists at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who in 2017 described how they created a womb-like environment in an extracorporeal device to fully develop the fetal lambs.”

It’s designed to start a conversation and make an argument for a new model of parenthood that Al-Ghaili believes will be possible within years, and widespread within decades.


This is an “idea” hatched by the 21st Century’s version of Dr. Moreau.

Al-Ghaili’s argument goes something like this: pregnancy is not fun. It can be exhausting, painful, nauseating, intrusive, inconvenient and sometimes flat-out dangerous for a mother, and there are all kinds of ways it can be suboptimal for a baby. If you’re pregnant and you smoke, or party, or stress too much, or catch certain diseases, or you simply don’t play enough Mozart at your burgeoning belly, you might not be giving your child the best start you can.

If you don’t want your human eggplant harvested out of an EctoLife facility with 30,000 other human eggplants, Al-Ghaili wants you to know that, coming soon, Pod-Parents can have a portable baby-making pod brought to their homes. But there’s more! If the “mother” wants the sensation of being kicked by a gestating baby, she can wear a device that delivers that sensation just like the real thing!

Batteries not included.

If you think this is all nonsense you’d be mistaken. Goons like Al-Ghaili see humans as a commodity that can be monetized and picked off a shelf when it’s convenient. This “EctoLife” proposal is a test to see how much blowback he gets. If little materializes, the new Dr. Moreau will be looking for investors. A billionaire goon like Bill Gates comes to mind.


Erasing what it means to be a woman is just the beginning. They want to erase a woman’s womb as well.



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