WATCH: Hilarious Video of Vegans Vowing to Stop Livestock Truck, Learning a Hard Lesson

Vegan tries to stop livestock truck. (Credit: @ClownWorld/Twitter)
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A few months ago, I wrote about a group of vegans (aka domestic food terrorists) who protested at a Starbucks. They encased their feet in concrete at a Nashville Starbucks because Starbucks was up-charging for almond milk. Vegans were outraged that their oat/almond milk costs more than milk from an actual cow. So, in a genius move, they encased their own feet in wet cement — apparently not caring that wet cement and human flesh mix like oil and water.


But being stupid and a vegan terrorist seems to be completely compatible.

Vegan antics often end badly for the actors. Sometimes, it really ends badly like getting clocked for disrupting business at a pizza place or getting the vegan beaten out of you for invading a rabbit farm. The worst might be being turned into a human pancake by a truck — which brings us to today’s offering.

Vegan terrorists were prepared to stop a massive truck loaded with livestock. A bearded vegan steps into the frame and tells the audience the truck headed to the rendering plant will be stopped by him and his carrot-eating chums. He narrates that the truck is headed to the slaughterhouse “where 10,000 lives are taken daily,” just for the tastebuds of humans. Well, yeah.

As the truck makes its looping right turn, it does something that the vegans didn’t anticipate. It doesn’t stop and it doesn’t slow down. The video’s vegan narration is as glorious as it is hilarious.

It might be time to pull out some ground beef and have a burger while you watch. Enjoy.


This fellow has a point. Just sayin’.

It brings to mind what Abraham Lincoln once said in 1862: “F Around And Find Out”. Did Abe actually say that? I saw it on social media, so it must be true.


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