Patriots Fan Harassed by Lunatic Raiders Fan in Viral Video Attends Patriots Game as Owner's Guest

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I have a thorough dislike for the Raiders. I’ve been to my fair share of NFL games, but I was only “afraid” when I was attending a Raiders versus Broncos game back in the ’80s. It was when the Raiders were in LA. I was with friends and fans of the Broncos; the game was at the LA Coliseum. None of my friends had any gear on. We saw some Broncos fans wearing gear, and they were being harassed by Raiders fans all the way into the stadium.


Most of it was playful fun. Some of it wasn’t. I was the sports cartoonist for the LA Daily News at the time and came up with this cartoon based on that game. No, I wasn’t wearing a cardigan sweater. The Raiders’ next game was against the Chargers.

(Credit: Jim Thompson)

During the game, there were Raiders fans yelling at Broncos fans in the stands 50 feet away, and because the Denver people were outnumbered, they had to take whatever abuse was being dished out. I already didn’t like the Raiders because of owner Al Davis, but that kinda sealed it for me.

Although I never liked the Raiders, I didn’t have a “hate” for them – as in visceral, violent hate that seems to be a calling card of too many NFL fans — including the Raiders and every other team. I’ve never understood that. Why does anyone have such an attachment to a professional entertainment company that overcharges for customers for tickets, gear, and food? And those fans are such devoted customers that they are willing to get into fights with complete strangers.

I understand why college football fans are passionate about their school. Usually, they went to college, or in many cases, paid overpriced tuition so their children could learn to yell at them about oppression and pronouns. I kinda get that. I don’t understand the over-heated passion for an NFL team.

Last week, I saw a video of a Raiders fan getting into the grill of a Patriots fan. She has her full Raiders gear on, and likely about $200 of beer sloshing around in her ample belly. She’s yelling at the guy like he just tried to burn down her house — and she caught him red-handed. It goes on for what seems like 30 seconds, and then her “man” steps in, to either save her or hug her for her “bravery” for yelling at a complete stranger.


The Patriots fan never moves. Doesn’t react. He acts like the lunatic yelling at him and throwing spittle in his face isn’t really there. He showed far more reserve than I would have; he’s a hero in my book. I saluted you, sir as I watched the video the first time. Well, others who also watched the video had my reaction, too.

The video went viral. Jerry Edmonds is the name of the Patriots fan. The owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft (or people connected with the organization), saw the video, then invited Edmonds to the next Patriots game. That game is Saturday. Edmonds was on the field before the game started, and is watching the game in the comfortable surrounding of a box seat.

The lunatic Raiders fan will still be in her nose-bleed seats shouting at players who don’t know her, will never know her, and don’t care about her. She’ll load up on $16 beer and get drunk with her husband. She’ll buy a Raiders jersey or size XXL sweater for $200 and wonder why she doesn’t have money in the bank.

From Bleacher Report:

New England Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft invited fan Jerry Edmond, who was aggressively heckled by a Las Vegas Raiders fan following the Pats’ shocking Week 15 road loss, to Gillette Stadium for Saturday’s matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Per Alexandra Francisco of, Kraft “called Edmond personally on Wednesday, inviting him to Saturday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Edmond accepted the invitation, and will receive a customized jersey and pregame field passes to take in warm-ups.”

Watching the Patriots blow a game in the most incomprehensible way possible was surely rough enough for Edmond before the insult accompanied injury. Saturday’s experience should be a friendlier one.


My guess is that the ownership of the Raiders would say thank you to that completely cultish idiot.


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