Commentary: Pfizer's Execs Thank You for Their Christmas Bonuses

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Watch any TV programming and you’ll eventually see a drug advertisement. In any 30-second commercial, whatever drug is being hawked, the drug manufacturer will present a happy story for half a minute. The actors will smile, and be cured by the end of the commercial. If you watched with the sound off, that’s what you would see. The voiceover always tells a different story. We hear of multiple potential side effects. It’s always a dozen or more, ranging from rashes, hallucination, impotence swelling of appendages, enlarged heart, paralysis – and oh yeah, death. It always ends with the potential of death. The last caveat: “Your results may vary.”


And, at some point, you will see an ad pushing you to get the new and improved COVID vaccine. The booster for the booster for… What you won’t hear or see in any COVID commercial, is any admonition or mention of side effects. No warnings of any kind. Well, that is not entirely true. They might warn you of a “winter of death” if you don’t get your booster. Why? Because each of the companies that make the COVID vaccines are immune. Not immune from COVID vaccine side effects like heart attacks for 12-year-olds or death for healthy adults, they are immune from suit. They are collectively insulated from criminal prosecution and civil penalties. No one on Planet Earth can sue Pfizer for COVID vaccine side effects and win. Any suit will be dismissed. It’s like sovereign immunity but for a drug manufacturer, not a sovereign nation.

Not only are the drug makers immune from liability for potentially killing people, clawback, criminal prosecution, or civil suit, but the contracts that each of them “negotiated” with governments also gives them full patent rights even though governments funded a lot of the cost of development. And the contract(s) terms have, for the most part, remained hidden behind redactions. Pfizer did not take government money upfront but it got significant early orders of the drug that totaled almost two billion dollars. Nonetheless, contracts with HHS/Army were heavily redacted. Page two of the Pfizer contract:

The HHS contract for the Covid vaccine, page two. (Credit: HHS website)

You’ll note that the unredacted part of page 2  includes the phrase “for the prevention of COVID-19.” Pfizer’s “vaccine” didn’t prevent COVID, no matter how many times Fauci and Rachel Maddow or the chattering class wanted to claim it did.

How often is a manufacturer granted exclusive patent rights for a guaranteed two billion dollar pre-order, along with billions in future orders, for a product that is supposed to prevent something and is also granted total immunity from civil suit? And when the product doesn’t prevent what it is supposed to prevent, the manufacturer will get billions in new orders for the product that never worked in the first place.

Has this ever happened in human history? Short answer. No.

How much has Pfizer made off of COVID vaccines (that aren’t, really, vaccines)? A lot. In 2021, Pfizer made 81 billion dollars, with about half being related to COVID-19 vaccines.

Pfizer is the alpha dog in the pack with about 70 percent of the market, but BioNTech and Moderna did pretty well too. The big three raked in billions in pre-tax profits. Since China unleashed the pandemic, these three companies have given birth to five new billionaires. Those newbies to the billionaire club have a combined net wealth of over 35 billion dollars.

I have little doubt the “suits” who demanded and got, total sovereign-like immunity for a product that didn’t do what they said it would, got some sweet Christmas bonuses. They don’t have to invest a millisecond in thought for the dire consequences of killing or crippling people.


Congress is super concerned about banning guns that won’t function unless a person pulls the trigger, but a drug that has known side effects including death needs to be boosted every few months.

Ok, kids — are you ready for your booster? I can assure you Pfizer executives will thank you for their perpetual Christmas bonuses. Your results may vary.

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