Monday Cartoon: Cheney and Kinzinger Meet for Last Good Cry

AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades
(Credit: Jim Thompson/RedState)

Tuesday is Election Day. It’s the official beginning of the end of the political careers of Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. At least as Republicans. Cheney lost her seat in a runoff. Kinzinger lost his seat when his Democrat buddies in state government gerrymandered him out of a job.


They won’t officially be jobless until January 2023 but Tuesday is when they can start packing and making plans. Both sit on the J6 Committee, with Cheney recently elevated to vice-chair. That honor is her participation trophy. Cheney has campaigned against Republicans and she is surrounded by Democrats on the committee, constantly wearing a blue suit to the committee hearings. She’s claimed it’s not about politics.

Her spokesman said: “Politics won’t play a role in the Committee’s work.”

No one believes that.

Kinzinger has maintained a high profile as well, usually on Twitter. He went on friendly TV shows to attack Republicans and spent an inordinate amount of time on Twitter lobbing insults at private citizens and puffing himself up as having “5 or 6 Air medals.”

I wrote an article last month about the event that “won” Kinzinger his Airman Medal and national fame. He took all the credit when at least four other people saved a woman from an attacker. Kinzinger loves to huff and puff but has cried while sitting on the J6 committee. Kinzinger described January 6, 2021:


“Man, there’s a real sense of evil.’ I can’t explain it any further than that. … I just felt a real darkness, like a thick, bad feeling. And there was about a 15-to 30-minute time frame, where, at one point, you realize they’ve breached the Capitol.”

Soon they will both be gone. Maybe they will pause at the door of their empty congressional offices and look back, one last time. Maybe they will meet on a bench for a final look at the Capitol. Cheney (with more stones than Kinzinger) will pat Adam on the back as he quietly sobs.

They will have a “Casablanca” moment in the fog.

“Don’t cry, Adam. We will always have J6.”

As the sun dips behind the Capitol dome, Adam will dip his head for one last good cry…



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