Biden Pushes the Omicron Booster. Thanks, but I'm Gonna Pass

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On Tuesday, Joe Biden meandered to the podium, gazed at all of the cabinet members he can never name, squinted at the teleprompter, and read his prepared lines: America, “get your COVID booster shot.”


“For most Americans, one COVID shot each year will be all they need,” Biden said at the White House. “And if you get it, you’ll be protected. And if you don’t, you’re putting yourself and other people at unnecessary risk.”

“I’m calling on All Americans … all Americans to get their shot, just as soon as they can.”

My reaction? Nope. Thanks anyway, Joe. Nope. I got the first two shots. So, did my wife. My wife and I sat in a snake-line of cars at Dodger Stadium and waited for about an hour for our shots. I did it because my father-in-law and mother-in-law are super-old and, frankly, paranoid. They were convinced that because they were old, the Grim Reaper was waiting to take them away. We got the shots for them.

Yes, Joe, we listened to the advice of the experts and got the shots. I listened–and read a lot in the interim. What’s my answer to the “Omicron” booster? Nope. Thanks anyway, Joe.

The rest of the olds can – if they wish- get a third or fourth or fifth COVID booster. I am gonna pass. I’ve made my informed decision, and I am going to pass, Joe.

I got a bad infection that had nothing to do with COVID. I was on antibiotics and about halfway through the regiment, my wife was kind enough to bring Omicron home and share it with me. Yes, she got sick. So did I. I was laid up for a few days. I had a fever and aches. Then I got better. I won’t say “it was just like the flu,” but, um, it was just like something that I can’t say it was.


I have been asked every time I have gone into the doctor’s office if I want a COVID booster. “Nope” is my answer, and they don’t press. Nurses never looked at me like I declined to breathe. A few months ago, I told a nurse that I would wait to get an Omicron specific booster, knowing that I likely would decline it. Now that that booster is available, I’ve decided to invoke a “Nope” again.

Why, might you ask?

Updated mRNA booster shots from Pfizer and Moderna – okayed for human use on the basis of data from a handful of mice – actually produce fewer useful antibodies against Omicron than a fourth jab with the original formulation.

Don’t believe me? Cool. Make your own informed decisions. Here is the white paper that discusses the efficacy of the Omicron booster. The paper is from a leading virologist, and he might know a bit more about this subject than Joe Biden.

CDC director Rochelle Walensky…who just got COVID… again has released a hostage video telling America to get the booster. You might remember the good doctor. She’s mouthed the talking points of Biden’s Administration, and she’s done a remarkably bad job at it. But – good news! She’s super protected. She got boosted — and got COVID, again. Yes, she got the booster and still got COVID. See a pattern? The evidence shows that the booster offers a few weeks of partial protection, and (where is the bad news?) it might actually offer NO protection against the new variants.


Wait, what?

Yeah. I have a doctorate, and I’ve stayed at a couple Holiday Inns, but don’t listen to me. I am just a guy who never got the COVID booster, will never get a booster (unless it actually works). When I got COVID, my symptoms were like a cold.

Sure, if you are obese or a diabetic, maybe the odds tell you, you should get a booster. I am healthy, and not overweight. I am not a diabetic. I am gonna pass on the booster, Mr. President.

You can get your booster. If it helps, that’s great. Just make your own decisions. I made mine.


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