Iran Blames the Great Satan and Zionists for the Recent Uprising

Before the Iranian revolution in 1978, Iran was a modern progressive country. After Islamic students (with the approval of clerics) stormed the American Embassy, Iran turned into an oppressive, regressive state sponsor of international and interior terrorism. After the return of Ruhollah Khomeini,  Iranians saw their liberties stripped. For 44 years Iran had successive “Supreme Leaders” and has been ruled by Islamic hardliners.


In subsequent years, students have rebelled against the internal repression of freedom with little success. The “green” revolution in 2009 had a chance of forcing real change, but President Obama was pushing a nuclear deal, not a “regime” change. The clerics in power warned America to stay out of Iran’s affairs and Obama obliged. The uprising was brutally pushed down.

Now, with Obama’s former VP in the Oval Office and Biden pushing for a revival of the disastrous nuclear deal Obama gave Iran, the Islamic Republic is roiled in another student uprising with students and everyday Iranians again seeking freedom from the oppression of successive Supreme Leaders.

The 2022 iteration of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is blaming America and, of course, Israel for the 3-week protest and riots.

On September 16, a 22-year-old woman named Mahsa Amini was arrested and beaten to death by sanctioned Iranian thugs called “Morality Police”. She was detained for violating moral codes principally – for not wearing a head scarf and modest clothes. She died in custody and protests ensued.

Khamenei claimed he is “heartbroken” about the death and said it was a “sad incident”. He also railed again the “Great Satan”.

“This rioting was planned. These riots and insecurities were designed by America and the Zionist regime, and their employees.”


“The duty of our security forces, including police, is to ensure the safety of the Iranian nation. ‘The ones who attack the police are leaving Iranian citizens defenseless against thugs, robbers, and extortionists.”

A reminder – Iran’s “Supreme Leader” can spout nonsense and threaten Israel and America, but Trump is banned from Twitter.

Of course, Zionists, America, and outside foreign agitators are his excuse to crack down on the protestors and use of communication with the outside world. Security forces and “Basij” militia have attacked protestors with human rights groups reporting that at least 130 people have been killed by Iran’s sanctioned thugs. Iran has claimed that many of its security forces have also been killed.

Since Iran is a state sponsor of terror and has, without a doubt, enlisted terrorists to kill Americans and Israelis, it is possible that there has been some “help” from Israel to foment protestors to action. But it was Iran’s morality police who killed Amini not Israel and certainly not Biden’s administration. Biden isn’t interested in destabilizing Iran. Like Obama’s administration, Biden’s handlers are more interested in a phony nuclear deal than helping everyday Iranians topple a repressive regime.


Khamenei blaming America and Israel is his way of justifying a crackdown; instead of admitting that it is organic and homegrown disaffection with repression, Khamenei can blame the Great Satan and Zionists.

It’s also a reminder of why we have the 2nd Amendment.


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