Thursday 'Toon: Joe Biden Is the Leading Human Trafficker... 'Coyote Joe'

Lost in the silly kerfuffle over 50 immigrants flown by private jet to the snob-haven of Martha’s Vineyard is that Joe Biden is a coyote. He and he alone is responsible for the massive number of bodies crossing our southern border. He and he alone is responsible for the massive amount of fentanyl poisoning and killing Americans.


At no time in our history have we seen two million people in one year illegally crossing the southern border into our country and, for the most part, disappearing, never to be seen again. Concomitantly, the cartels are flooding America with poison pills that are killing our youth at an alarming rate.

Biden and everyone in his administration have gaslit America with bald-faced lies about the southern border. His incompetent press secretary claims it’s Trump’s fault. Mayorkas and Harris have both insisted that the border is secure even when ICE and Border Patrol are buried in illegal crossings and paperwork. Multiple people on the terror watch list have been caught, meaning ten times that are likely to have disappeared into America’s interior. Instead of doing something to stop this cascade, the White House is miffed that Fox is reporting the truth.

Our Swiss cheese border is the greatest crisis facing America, and Joe pretends it isn’t a problem.

Joe Biden is Coyote Joe.


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