Bonus Cartoon: Obama's Martha's Vineyard Mansion Is Under Siege!

Call the National Guard, or the DNC – MARTHA’S VINEYARD HAS BEEN INVADED!

A month ago, Democrats were the party of sanctuary, until they weren’t. The true colors of leftists are flying for everyone to see. Chicago’s mayor had a fit. New York was in a panic. DC declared an emergency and begged the feds for help and now Martha’s Vineyard is under siege. The left believes in sanctuary — but not in their states, their cities, and mostly, not in their backyard. Leftist hypocrisy exploded throughout America but most particularly on Martha’s Vineyard. But don’t show up at Barack and Michelle’s mansion — you might get shot.


The beer bellies at the Lincoln project were exploding with anger.

I’m not a “blue check” so my tweets are generally “shadow-banned,” but Schmidt of the Lincoln Project fame vomited some bile at my colleague and friend Kira Davis. Schmidt was railing at DeSantis because DeSantis was “literally” attacking America. He was referring to 50 illegal immigrants sent to an openly stated “sanctuary” community. Kira made fun of the fat man (not about his weight), and Schmidt lost his cookies over it.

Here is a live look at Martha’s Vineyard:

In all seriousness, we are “under siege.” There is an invasion at the southern border. Why isn’t Biden doing anything? Because “doing something” would be admitting a massive mistake and he can’t have that less than two months from an election. So, he will allow enough fentanyl to flow across the border to kill every American living. Winning elections is more important than American lives I guess. And Biden has now allowed two million illegal aliens to simply walk or swim across the border. That is literally an attack on America Mr. Schmidt, you beer-bellied boob.



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