Moore to the Point - NIMBYocrisy

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Friday, September 16th. Audio included below.


I think I was in grade school or maybe junior high when I first heard the term “NIMBY.” Not to be confused with its crotchety Uncle “Get off My Lawn,” NIMBY, of course, stands for “Not in my backyard,” and originally referred to a person or group of people vehemently opposing a course of action or project in their neighborhood because they believe it is hazardous or undesirable. Nuclear power plant? Landfill? Halfway house? Not in my backyard!


Its application to the recent reaction by Democrat mayors and governors to buses of illegal immigrants being dropped off in their proudly-designated sanctuary cities is inescapable. Progressive leaders are all for open border policies when they result in an influx of migrants…to other cities and states.

Yet, when they land on their doorstep, it’s time to call out the National Guard and accuse the Republican governors sending them of playing politics.

Why is it grand to have thousands of migrants flooding into border states like Texas and Arizona – yet cause for handwringing to have dozens arriving in jurisdictions that tout their sanctuary status as a strong selling point and sign of their virtue?

Seems to me like maybe it’s those crying the loudest about playing politics who are doing that very thing.



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