Hump Day Cartoon: Biden's 'Inflation Reduction Act' Gets Destroyed by a Tsunami of Inflation

If media wasn’t an arm of the DNC, Joe Biden’s poll numbers would be lower than a snake’s belly–but as it is, Biden can deliver inflation-causing, economy wrecking legislation and the media will carry his water.


When the “Inflation Reduction Act” was passed, media called it a victory to Biden’s agenda – ignoring the fact that it wouldn’t reduce inflation. In fact, it’s an $800 Billion spending bill. Its only relation to “inflation” was how much it would fuel it. When he signed it, the Washington Post never mentioned Inflation in its headline. WaPo called it:

Biden signs sweeping bill to tackle climate change, lower health-care costs

What happened to inflation reduction?

Since Biden put his boney hand in the air and swore an oath to the Constitution he’s been shredding for 20 months, it seems everything he claims as fact, has been a lie. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was never designed to reduce inflation. That claim was a 12-Pinocchio lie. It’s a massive spending bill that fire-hoses money we don’t have at Democrat pet projects. The IRA will burden Americans with more debt and taxes. It will do the opposite of reducing inflation.

On Tuesday, Biden thought it was a good time to take another “victory lap” for this latest piece of garbage legislation. The ceremony at the White House was billed as a “celebration” of Biden’s “IRA” success. Except, inflation is back to raging, and the stock market is back to tanking. While the rays of the sun beat down on Joe’s empty head, he delivered his “victory speech.” It, like everything else that rolls out of his mouth, was a lie.


Joe claimed that the IRA “reduced inflation at the kitchen table.”

No, it didn’t. The consumer price index jumped over 11 percent. By one example, eggs are up 38 percent.  The 11.4 percent increase in 12 months is the greatest since Jimmy Carter was ruining the economy.

Joe claimed that federal spending has nothing to do with inflation, because his party “pays” for their spending.

No, they don’t. Printing money we don’t have never reduces inflation.

After Biden had enough of gaslighting and lying to America, he railed about guns.

Biden ended his sun-baked, dementia-fueled, fact-free “victory lap” by yelling incoherently. Standard Operating Procedure.

Biden and his party just ignore facts. That way, they never happen–right?


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