Monday 'Toon: The 'Dark Brandon' Space Between Biden's Ears

Last month (August), the nincompoops running comms for our empty-headed president decided that “Dark Brandon” would be Joe Biden’s best imagery. They did that, notwithstanding the fact that “Dark Brandon” has its genesis in Chinese propaganda. And the comms-clowns incorporated Nazi imagery without a hint of self-reflection.


Apparently the comms team thought that Biden should go full fascist, so in September, our head of state, aka head of lettuce, stood in front of Independence Hall, backlit with blood-red Nazi lighting. He used Marines as political props, while he pounded the airwaves with fascistic rhetoric. The only thing that could have “improved” it was if Biden had delivered it in the original German. It was “Dark Brandon” in full flower.

Biden is a dangerous demagogue of middling intellect, yet overflowing undeserved ego. In the winter of his life and a fog of dementia, Biden is an angry old coot yelling at clouds. It’s rather apparent Joe likes his childish, cartoonish, yet fascistic image of “Dark Brandon.”

Biden likes his dark image so much, he cosplays it for Jill.


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