WATCH: 6 Years Ago Today on 9/11, My Son (Navy SEAL) Parachuted Into Arrowhead Stadium With the US Flag

Petty Officer (SO1) Trevor Thompson parachutes into Arrowhead. Screengrab credit: KSARGE23/YouTube

Six years ago, my son was ending his Navy career with the parachute performance team called the “Navy Leap Frogs.” The Leap Frogs parachute into stadiums and events to the cheers of crowds. On Sunday, September 11, 2016, my son and his Leap Frogs mates were performing for the Kansas City Chiefs. They jumped into Arrowhead Stadium on that beautiful Sunday afternoon with my son assigned the honor of bringing in the Stars and Stripes. It was an awesome clear day with a bit of a headwind for the intended entry corridor.


The guys before him were carrying other flags like the Navy SEAL flag. Trevor was carrying the slightly heavier Stars and Stripes. He parachuted in last. The headwind caught Trevor above the stadium and he appears to stall motionless, right above the stadium.

Patrons can be heard exclaiming, stunned, that he was hanging in the air like it was planned. It wasn’t planned. In fact, it was a little scary.

He couldn’t land left to right because of the headwind, so he turned, headed in the opposite direction, and landed right to left.

It’s an awesome short video — and still gives me goosebumps.

ENJOY! God Bless America.



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