Saturday Cartoon: 'Worst Mayor Ever' Candidate Lori Lightfoot Gets Smushed by the Hypocrisy Truck

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh

Lori Lightfoot was aghast and even more bug-eyed than usual when the buses started arriving. Chicago is a sanctuary for illegals but in name only. Like most liberals, they are fine with illegals cleaning their homes and cutting their lawns but are not so keen on staying the night. Lightfoot railed against Governor Abbott, calling him every racist epitaph her lips could conjure, for sending those same illegals to her fake sanctuary of Chicago. Afterward, she developed a “get-rid-of-the-illegals” plan.


Are artificial “walls” to keep illegals out of the Windy City all that far-fetched? My colleague Jeff Charles posited some rich parody of Lightfoot, where he suggests that the mayor would build a Trump-like “big beautiful wall” around Chicago, to keep the “poors” out. Sure, it’s satire – but is it really? She’s called Abbott a racist for sending illegals to her city but just as quickly as they arrive, she sends them to the ‘burbs.” That might not be a wall – more like a revolving door out of town.

Lightfoot has started bussing her new arriving illegals to other cities and municipalities like Gary, Indiana. The mayor of Burr Ridge said he was “concerned neither the village administrator nor I were told about this. We want to know: Why Burr Ridge?”

The simple answer? Lightfoot is a raging hypocrite. Abbott sent illegals on their northward, voluntary journey because Chicago is a “sanctuary city.” Chicago should be happy to receive the fruits of Biden’s labors. But, Madam Mayor is quite the contrary. Lightfoot might as well be out in the street, stuffing illegals in busses headed out of the city, waving goodbye to her illegals.


“Stay Home, and if you do come, don’t come back. Adios, Amigos! Hasta la ‘Visa’, Baby!”

Mayor Beetlejuice, you just got smushed by the hypocrisy truck.


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