Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Shipped Migrants Sent by Texas Away After Making a Show of Welcoming Them

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot wanted to at least make it seem like she had the ability to put her money where he mouth was, but like most Democrats, her virtue is all show and no substance.


As RedState previously reported, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been teaching virtue-signaling leftists a hard lesson by shipping the illegal migrants flooding his state to their self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities” so that they can get a minor taste of what it’s like to have illegal migrants running around their cities and states.

Naturally, many Democrat politicians began throwing temper tantrums and accused Abbott of racism and irresponsibility. They either knew they’d been check-mated or lacked the self-awareness to understand they were being massive hypocrites. I’m not sure which is worse in their positions.

Lightfoot attempted to seem like she was ready to be everything she claimed she was.

“Chicago is and will continue to be a welcoming city. We are collaborating across various City departments and with local, state and community partners to ensure everyone who arrives in Chicago is greeted and treated with dignity and respect,” Lightfoot’s office said in a statement.

However, when migrants arrived in Chicago there was no one there from the city to greet them or show them where to go next.


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Now we learn that Lightfoot did indeed round them up, but then immediately shipped them to a nearby suburb without warning the mayor that she was going to do so. WGN9-TV reported that the virtue signaling Lightfoot sent the migrants all to Burr Ridge, shipping the problem away from her and making it someone else’s:

WGN Investigates has learned several dozen of the migrants Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent to Chicago have now been relocated to a hotel in the suburbs without advance warning to the local mayor.

“I am concerned neither the village administrator nor I were told about this,” Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso told WGN. “We want to know: Why Burr Ridge?”

Just days ago, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blasted Abbott for treating the migrants like “cargo” and not providing her with advance notice they were arriving.

Interesting. So Lightfoot is not only a liar, she’s a hypocrite.

What Abbott is doing is necessary on two levels. For one, he’s attempting to take the inordinate amount of illegal immigrants and spread them around the nation to not only lighten the burden for Texas but get help from the Democrat cities that have told us all that illegal immigrants are welcome there. You could almost say it’s a socialist approach by spreading it around. You’d think the left would appreciate that.


Two, Abbott is exposing just how full of it the Democrats are. None of these people actually want illegal immigrants in their cities. What they want to do is look holier than thou from afar and cast aspersions on the people actually having to handle the problem directly.

Lightfoot accuses Abbott of making illegal immigrants seem like cattle yet she herself is shipping them off to someone else. Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat.


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