Tuesday 'Toon: The Scales of Injustice

If America loses confidence in the justice system we are on the road to anarchy. In 2020, driven by the George Floyd protests and the riots that followed, confidence in policing dropped to a 27-year low — it fell below 50 percent.


At the same time, revelations about FBI corruption and lack of ethics continued to build. Peter Strzok, a thoroughly partisan bad actor who, without any doubt, was out to get Trump while he was employed with FBI, was fired but not prosecuted. He gave one of the creepiest testimonies in Congressional history glaring and smirking with contempt at congress members. Why? Because he knew he would end up on CNN instead of in a jail cell. His bosses James Comey and Andrew McCabe were fired, but not prosecuted. Both landed speaking gigs instead of jail cells. McCabe, in fact, got his pension back when the DOJ decided to “settle” with him. An FBI lawyer who falsified a FISA warrant was prosecuted and convicted. Instead of going to prison, he got probation. The judge in his case called Clinesmith’s falsification of the warrant an “inappropriate shortcut” — but he didn’t intend to do it. Instead of losing his license to practice law, the DC bar reinstated him after a retroactive suspension. In other words, he walked. Notwithstanding a mountain of evidence, Michael Sussmann walked.


For the DOJ, anyone and everyone in Trump’s orbit is on a list. Harassment to arrest. Nothing is off the table. The DOJ and FBI will prosecute selfie-taking cancer-ridden grandmas for walking through the Capitol; they will target parents complaining about corrupt school boards — but if mobs show up at Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justices’ homes, violating federal law, the DOJ and FBI can’t be bothered.

Jeffery Epstein’s clients? Who?

Hunter Who?

Hillary Who?

If the DOJ has its finger on the scales of justice, is justice blind? Injustice has a price.


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