MSNBC Host, Guests: Blacks, Latinos, and Asians Voting GOP Are 'White Supremacists'

Six years ago, whiter-than-Elmer’s-glue, race-baiting clown Joyce Carol Oates got into a Twitter tiff with Trump backers. Oates is renowned for stupid takes and, once she starts losing an argument, she lobs “white supremacy” or white privilege to shut down discussion. She accused Kira Davis of “white privilege.” Just one problem. Kira is Black.


A favorite response was: “She’s not white, idiot.”

Kira wrecked another one of Oates’ arguments four years ago.

In 2021, Tom Morrello of the band Rage Against the Machine was interviewed by Howard Stern. Morrello expressed his friendship with Kid Rock. The trolls came out to attack Morrello for his “white privilege.” Just one problem. Morrello isn’t white.

Six years ago, calling a black woman a white supremacist and owner of “white privilege” would have been roundly mocked. Oates made her claim not knowing that she was insulting a black woman. Even last year, the left would generally avoid calling blacks a white supremacist. Then came this year’s Supreme Court decisions, and the left started calling Clarence Thomas a white supremacist and/or an Uncle Tom. The gloves are off.

In 2022, there’s a renewed market for the: “Everyone I don’t like is Hitter” trope. The left is accusing Blacks, Latinos, and Asians of “white supremacy.”

Don’t believe me? Of course you do, but guest host Zerlina Maxwell guest-hosted for MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. She didn’t waste any time going on the attack. She hosted a panel with Forham University professor Christina Greer and DNC hack, and former Breitbart employee Kurt Bardella. All three engaged in the usual tropes about the GOP being the party of white supremacy. Bardella hit all the DNC hot buttons – distilled to: The GOP and the country are racist.


Greer, apparently sensing Bardella hadn’t gone far enough, offered that the country was “founded on white supremacy, and anti-black racism, capitalism, and patriarchy.” She then launched into the favorite tack for the left – regardless of who you are, or what your “race” is, if you are voting GOP, you are a white supremacist.

Greer said:

“We also realize that, you know, you don’t need white people for white supremacy anymore, the same way you don’t need, you know, just men to have patriarchy. We see women uphold it quite well – paging Amy Coney Barrett and her friends,…What the Republicans have been brilliant at doing is not only disenfranchising people of color and marginalized groups across the country, but they’re really starting to, you know, use their white supremacist rhetoric and chip away at certain Latino, Asian and Black populations across the country.”

Apparently Blacks, Latinos, and Asians are simultaneously being disenfranchised by the GOP, and at the same time, they are flooding to the GOP’s call for “white supremacy.” The argument is patently absurd and incredibly insulting. If indeed the GOP was marketing “white supremacy” and disenfranchising minorities, the left in general and the DNC in particular thinks that Blacks, Latinos, and Asians are just too stupid to see it? Nonetheless, that’s the argument.


That sort of rhetoric is now expected from the left. The DNC’s base is organically shrinking. The DNC is increasingly interested in appeasing to the loudest and nastiest voices, rather than answering the needs and concerns of Latinos, Blacks, and Asians. Latinos are sick on being called “Latinix” and being patronized. Blacks are increasingly dissatisfied with what the DNC has promised but hasn’t done for them. The DNC has taken the black vote for granted. Blacks are increasingly sick of being patronized, and a number of blacks are moving to the right — and the left doesn’t like it. The Democrat party is increasingly the party of whiners.

The DNC’s answer to Latinos, Blacks, and Asians deserting the party? They’re “white supremacists.”

What happens when the left runs out of people to blame?


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