Friday Cartoon: Liz Cheney Is About to Be Devoured by Wyoming Voters

Liz Cheney has the support of Nancy Pelosi, Democrats, and Hollywood carpetbaggers, but not a lot of Wyomingites. There is one. Her dad. When Dick’s not shooting donors in the face, he’s cutting videos for Liz. Dick’s full throated denunciation of Trump, as the greatest threat to America in her history, will be hard to top. Liz went the full monty with her dad – in a manner of speaking.


LBJ approved the infamous Daisy Ad telling voters that a vote for Goldwater meant a nuclear winter, so Dick’s video is on the B-list of hyperbolic campaign ads. But it’s the best she can manage. Dad gave her every job she ever had, and now, he’ll see her last political job end soon.

In 11 days, Liz will gone. Gone, like a barking prairie dog who didn’t pay attention to her surroundings – scooped up and devoured.

Sure, she has until January to vacate the Capitol, but she’s done in 11 days.


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