Bonus Cartoon: Media Monkeys

Image by Don Hinchcliffe via Flickr Creative Commons License:

The famous monkey meme is, in order, “see, hear, speak,” but my monkeys aren’t holding back on “evil” — they’re suppressing the truth because it doesn’t fit the narrative.


When the most recent Uvalde report came out, the DNC and willing media monkeys decided to throw the same poop with a “400 good guys couldn’t stop a bad guy” narrative. It was a stupid and transparent strawman because their “400” in Uvalde weren’t good guys with guns. Most of them stood around (with something else in their hand) while children died and the murderer was ended by a “good guy with a gun.” And then more reality slapped them in the face. A good guy with a concealed weapon killed a bad guy intent on slaughter in Indianapolis. Ooops.

The media monkeys all clammed up.  Predictable — like circus monkeys.



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