The 'Good Guy With a Gun' Is the Logical Outcome of a Free Society, and a Much Needed One

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Freedom and chaos are cousins. There are no two ways about it.

Living in a land where people are free to do much of what they want, including things that are considered hazardous, is going to result in all sorts of mishaps, mayhem, tragedies, and atrocities. The land of the free has to be the home of the brave because it’s only the brave that can truly utilize and keep it.

These atrocities include someone utilizing their access to firearms to harm innocents. Recently, we’ve had one of the greatest atrocities committed on American soil when a young man went into an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and began killing children indiscriminately. The moment was only made worse by the fact that police officers in the building stood by and did nothing as they listened to children die. One officer even took a moment to casually sanitize his hands.

This couldn’t have please the left more, who developed a message that was repeated over and over again from news desks to Twitter accounts. As RedState covered on Monday, leftist blue checks on Twitter were repeating the same line with only slight variations, all centered around the fact that “400 trained police officers” did nothing, and that as a result, a good guy with a gun is a fantasy.

Then a shooter in an Indiana mall who killed three people was stopped by the very thing they were attempting to tell us didn’t exist. Their narrative had been blown out of the water, though it was a narrative that was dead on arrival anyway. The good guy with a gun has made an appearance on more than one occasion.

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The thing about freedom and chaos being cousins is that the same chaos that can facilitate these atrocities is also the same that gives birth to the men and women who keep it at bay. In the land of the free, government is at a massive disadvantage. The people it employs to keep the peace aren’t everywhere and can only arrive so quickly. Better to rely on the men and women there at the moment to halt the chaos the moment it rises by utilizing chaos’s own weapons against it.

A free society works so well because the people are empowered on a ground level to take matters into their own hands where necessary. No one has to wait for the authorities to arrive. No one has to suffer a moment longer than they need to. No one needs a permission slip from a government body nor should they fear reprisal for doing hazardous work without official documents.

A free society sees a problem and solves it as soon as possible.

The good guy with a gun is one of those problem solvers that naturally arise as a barrier against the evil that can come from chaos. He or she knows and acknowledges that they live in an imperfect place amongst imperfect people and that at any moment something can go wrong. They know that they don’t have to live in fear because they’re free to prepare themselves for something horrible.

Bottom line: Freedom is the cure for chaos, not government intervention.

Empowering government to solve every problem only creates more issues, particularly within the government that has neither the manpower nor the resources to see to every issue. Moreover, as it gains power, corruption takes hold. Soon, the very entity that claimed to be the protector of the people becomes the people’s terror.

Again, the best cure for chaos is freedom.


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