Thursday Cartoon: Did 'Red Flags' Blind the Cops in Uvalde?

Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw at a press conference in Uvalde, TX, on Friday, May 27, 2022.

Cops have a hard job – possibly the hardest job in recent years because whatever they do or don’t do is reviewed and criticized. Good cops, doing good things under harrowing circumstances, have waited to be cleared of wrong-doing.


What happened in Uvalde is, objectively, a example of terrible incompetence that likely cost lives. There were numerous “red flags” here that the shooter was a nut. His family knew he was, at minimum, troubled.

Cops were on the scene within minutes.

The cop in charge, Pete Arredondo, the chief of the Uvalde school district’s police, stopped cooperating in the investigation. Why? Because he was inept and incompetent, and he knows it. He didn’t bring a radio with him to a mass shooting. A mass shooting that he, and his staff, trained for just weeks before. He kept good cops from going in and saving lives, maybe out of cowardice but certainly because of incompetence.

I’ve only seen one photo of the man. He appears obese. Say what you will, but even Chiefs of Police should be in shape.

The Uvalde community reaction shows they have doubts that the police who are paid to protect them are willing to do anything more than collect a paycheck.

Bottom line: The cops spent over an hour waiting to go in, then a brave parent/border patrol agent did what the Uvalde cops should have done — breach and kill the shooter.

There are good cops in this country. Unfortunately, there appear to be few like that in Uvalde, Texas.


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