Humpday Cartoon: Chris Wallace Takes a Ride Over the Falls

Chris Wallace was CNN’s big catch. The longtime Fox Sunday news guy moved to CNN with the promise of a smooth tube ride down a gentle stream. His ostensible and contradictory arguments for the move included but weren’t limited to, that hosts on FOX were questioning facts like “Was J6 an insurrection”; so he moved to the “This is an apple” channel. I question his reasoning. CNN employs a lemon and a potato as hosts, delivers nonsense sunup to midnight, and dresses opinion as hard news every day so let’s cease the lecturing.  If Wallace thought CNN isn’t overloaded with opinion hosts, he was watching a CNN I’ve never seen. No, Wallace knew what he was getting into. He took the money and waded in anyway.

The hard fact is that CNN+ has the popularity of a Jeffery Dahmer cookbook. More people watch traffic cameras than CNN+. The streaming service that CNN’s parent has spent a ton of time and money on, has attracted about 10,000 subscribers. Pro tip: This cartoon/article will likely do better than that, so yeah – it (CNN not me) is a disaster for Warner.

A CNN spokesperson said“We continue to be happy with the launch and its progress after only two weeks.”

No, they aren’t happy, and it is a disaster — but CNN isn’t strong on reporting facts any longer.

Wallace took the money. Now he’s taking a ride over the falls. Sorry, not sorry.

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