Thursday Cartoon: Toy Story's Iconic 'Woody' Transitions With a Pull of His String

Sure, we can laugh about it but at some point, we have to stop laughing and just say no.

Disney doesn’t object to new Florida Parental Rights bill because the executives are misreading it — quite the opposite. They proactively object because they read it correctly. Instead of being in the business of entertaining children, Disney sees itself as a vessel to inculcate children, not with the “magic” of harmless stories or a feel-good messaging, or with the basics of learning their A,B,Cs. Rather, inculcating 5-year-olds with [email protected]&*%$++ messaging is the goal. Disney execs made that abundantly clear during their recent strategy meeting.

Yes, my cartoon is a “joke,” but is it really? Even five years ago, Disney understood who their audience was and where its revenue came from. It kept its movies and programming generally neutral, to appeal to a broad audience. Apparently, those days are as dead as Walt Disney.

Now, it is siding with agenda-driven messaging, and sexualizing five-year-olds. It’s rather clear now — Disney has aligned with those who wish to sexualize children who print their names with crayons.

There really isn’t any gray area. The bill is clear. Disney doesn’t support parents who buy their movies, subscribe to Disney+, and purchase overpriced passes to Disneyland or Disney World; it picked its side and that side is Kindergarten Drag Queen Hour, and Manny (who last year was May) convincing a six-year-old girl she’s in the “wrong body.” And by the way: don’t tell your mother

None of this is a Disney fantasy — it has already happened.

Bottom line, no one needs Disney programming. Find other means to entertain your children.

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