CNN Analyst Says Smith's Oscars Slap Is Trump's Fault

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Do you recall a memory game that linked everyone in the movie industry to Kevin Bacon? Name an actor and “within six degrees” you’re back to Kevin Bacon. It was a fun and harmless game.


The left has their own version, but it’s not creative or witty nor does it require any higher function thinking — it’s just pathetic. Name an event – any bad thing in the world — and faithful media hacks will link it to Donald Trump. But the difference now is the degrees of separation are gone. Now, everything is Trump’s.

Back in January 2016, the Washington Post ran an article titled “6 Degrees of Donald Trump.” Trump’s candidacy, in January of 2016, was considered not just a long shot but a joke. WaPo linked Trump to Clinton and everyone else of note in the presidential race. It was meant as tongue-in-cheek humor, because “Trump as president?” What a joke. Then, he won.

After that, every bad thing, every awful thought, every racist event (actual and imagined) was Trump’s fault or could be linked to Trump. The best example is Jussie Smollett battering himself with a tuna sandwich. Smollett insisted that he was attacked by MAGA guys wearing MAGA hats, in the dead of night, in the middle of a polar vortex.

“This is MAGA country!” they yelled. Except, they didn’t. It was all made up, but not before politicians and media declared the one degree of separation from Trump. It was Trump’s fault. Violence against blacks and gays, and a gay Black man — it all relates back to Trump.  It happened over and over during his four years in office. Every event with any potential link to Trump was blamed on Trump. Often they didn’t bother with any separation, it was Trump’s fault, by default. Often the “very fine people” lie was trotted out for any violence by anyone on the right.


Last night, anyone watching The Oscars, or paying attention to Twitter, saw Will Smith become unglued over a joke. He walked on stage and struck Chris Rock over a joke about his occasional wife Jada Pinkett. Occasional in the sense that it’s not a marriage if the wife decides to sleep around and announce it in an interview.

Smith lost his cookies over a joke about his wife’s bald pate – a condition that she announced she “didn’t give two craps about” if anyone commented. Apparently, Smith did care. Will Smith lost his cool, struck Rock, and then screamed expletives at him on a live broadcast. The crowd hushed into palpable shock.

Do you know whose fault it all was? Not Pinkett for being an awful wife, not Rock for telling a joke, and certainly not the man who battered another man in public and yelled at him. Nope, it was Trump’s fault.

CNN’s  Asha Rangappa is really remarkable in her absurd takes online but Sunday she might have topped herself.

She tweeted:

She relishes the attention regardless of how utterly silly her take might be. After the expected few nuts fell out of the crazy tree to threaten her, she was quick to post those two threats. Yup. Donald Trump’s fault. Her follow-up tweet reminded her followers that she wasn’t comparing Smith to Trump, it was the Trumpian reaction of the audience. Wait the audience that had maybe three people who voted for Trump in attendance? Those people?  What?


I don’t get her point either. Meh, likely Trump’s fault.



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