Oscars So Fight

I, along with most Americans, wasn’t watching the Oscars tonight. I was watching Hallmark. Oh, I skimmed Twitter every now and then and saw some highlights (or lowlights, depending on how you look at it).


But I surely did not expect to see what just happened between Chris Rock and Will Smith. Rock cracked a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, saying he was looking forward to “GI Jane 2” (presumably in reference to her shorn head — Pinkett Smith purportedly suffers from alopecia). Jada looked none-too-pleased at the crack, and then Will got up and strode toward Rock, who initially seemed to play it off.

That was — until Smith hauled off and smacked him.

After storming back to his seat, the feed (in the US) went silent, as words apparently were exchanged between the two. But never fear — Japanese television caught the audio uncensored. (Warning: Language):


To be expected, social media went crazy over the incident.

But this was — hands down — my favorite:


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