Liz Cheney Aims for Trump, Shotguns Lady Justice Instead

On Tuesday, Liz Cheney read aloud texts to Mark Meadows. The texts were from various people apparently in the Capitol building or connected buildings. Cheney began. She delivered her recital in deep ominous tones like a prosecutor at Nuremberg reading indictments. With halting and growing gravity she read. There were texts from unidentified people.


“Mark, the protestors are literally storming the Capitol”

For the next text she looked up and read:

“There’s an armed standoff at the House Chamber door”

Cheney read the next text stating:

“In all caps, and I quote: POTUS needs to calm this shit down”

She went on to read texts from several Fox News hosts, Brian Kilmeade, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham among others, urging Meadows to get Trump to make a public statement to the rioters to leave the Capitol. Cheney’s recital was intended as an indictment of Meadows and Trump. Her aim was to target Trump in a planned and orchestrated conspiracy to overthrow the government. She missed the target badly.

Her shotgun full of texts objectively did the opposite. It’s clearer now, after her lengthy reading, that January 6th was a spontaneous, ill-advised, messy riot. It had none of the makings of a planned “insurrection.” It was a riot with clowns in costumes, and a dude wearing makeup and a buffalo headdress. The guns that were drawn? They were all federal employees. The only person who objectively died because of the Capitol riot was Ashli Babbitt.


The Cheneys seem to have a habit of pointing at one thing, and hitting an unintended target.

Liz Cheney’s aim is as bad as dad’s. Duck!


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