The Lincoln Project Turns Rick Wilson's Confederate Cooler Into A Jacket. Hide The Kids

Initially, I was dubious. The Lincoln Project initiated “project tiki torch”? It seemed to have the fingerprints of McAulliffe’s Dem-machine misreading voters and assuming people voting for him couldn’t spot an obvious fake. That, and all the actors had pants on.


Last night someone showed up at a Youngkin rally wearing a jacket with a confederate battle flag on the back. By pure coincidence, that person stood right in front of the media. Weird. He (or she – I don’t want to misgender a Dem operative) wasn’t asked any questions. The media didn’t speak to said Confederate foot soldier. It was another botched setup. Lincoln Project? Maybe.

Nah, it was them. It was a complete fail –so, yeah it was them.

The Lincoln Project seems to botch everything it touches now and, it touches a lot. It might be in your neighborhood soon selling its noxious grift, reaching out for money and, new interns. The younger, the better.

The dummies at The Lincoln Project are known to hop on social media and threaten people they want to target. “We’re coming for you”. Hide your kids.


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