CODE RED: Biden Has the Transportation Crisis Well in Hand

New movie – working title:  The ChooChoo That Couldn’t


Joe is a career politician. In 40 years of politics, he’s managed to get everything wrong. However, he’s fallen UP, his entire career. A pandemic hits in an election year, and his ambitious wife, always wanting to be president knows Joe can stay in his bunker and get elected with help from media, convinces Joe to run for president. He’s elected but since he doesn’t know who he is in the morning, she and a faithful cadre of puppeteers run the country and run it into the ground.


Every morning, Dr. Jill, the true power behind the throne, reminds Joe, he’s the president. Every night, she puts Joe to bed with his warm glass of milk with his toy ChooChoo. Joe remembers his best days were riding a ChooChoo to Delaware. She convinces Joe that his toy train will solve the transportation crisis and global warming.

Joe’s happy. Dr. Jill’s happy she’s the president.

Roll Credits.

What do you think?


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