New Orders: Take the Jab, or the Navy Will Ruin You

Sailors on the USS John McCain man the rails for the first port call by a US warship to Vietnam in over 40 years. Credit: US Navy photo

Several years ago, during a high school class discussion on the cost of education versus training, my son brought up the fact that his brother was a Navy SEAL. He mentioned the cost to training him was about $1,000,000. One his classmates said: “You’re parents spent a million dollars on your brother?”.


We didn’t, of course. The government paid for his training and, when he reenlisted overseas with a substantial bonus, his training, education, and bonuses totaled, well, let’s say a lot of money.  If my son was still on active duty and he refused a vaccine that he didn’t want and didn’t need, he’d be subject not just to involuntary discharge, but apparently to paying back the feds for his training, education, and bonuses.

The Pentagon, on the orders of the Commander in Chief, has now threatened Navy service members with discharge and what would be a life- crushing monetary penalty. Under “Disposition of Authority” section 7a and b.

The CCDA may seek recoupment of applicable bonuses, special and incentive pays, and the cost of training, and education for services members refusing the vaccine.

Maybe the men serving as SEALs have changed dramatically since my son separated, but I doubt it. I am guessing, but I think a substantial number of active duty SEALs with years of combat deployments are not vaccinated. It’s possible that there are a substantial number who are now faced with the prospect of either getting jabbed with a COVID vaccine, or being involuntarily discharged and handed a bill for over a million dollars.

We know that the vaccine will not prevent you, or anyone, from getting COVID. We also know that people, included service members who have had COVID, have a robust natural immunity with active T and B cell memory that would reactivate to fight a new infection. Statistically speaking, a 30-year-old, extremely fit SEAL, who has had COVID, has a very low risk of dying, or even being hospitalized. That doesn’t matter to the Biden administration. Take the vaccine, or the government will ruin you.


My son served with a bunch of hard men who followed orders but they, as a group, didn’t take kindly to nonsense, or orders that made little to no sense. My son made the decision years ago to separate, because he saw a changing command structure. If he still served, he’d be left with a choice — and I am not sure which choice he would make.

Now, we have a Pentagon which is pointing a financial gun at service members with an ultimatum. “Had COVID already? So what, take the vaccine or we will ruin your life.”


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