CODE RED: Mark Milley's Final Medal — a Biden Campaign Button

Mark Milley is right about one thing. He’s not in the chain of command inasmuch as a joint chief, he doesn’t order troops to do anything. His job is to advise the president. The president is the commander in chief, not Mark Milley. The president commands the troops.

Mark Milley is also a political hack. Last year he stepped out of his assigned role of advising the president to actively undermine the president. He consulted with Nancy Pelosi and assuaged her idiotic concerns that Trump would nuke San Francisco. He and found time to consult with book authors to undermine Trump’s authority. He assured the Chinese that he would alert them to a threat.

He turned to Michelle Obama at the inauguration and under his mask told her that “No one has a bigger smile than me”

He’s in the tank for Biden now, he was in the tank for Biden before the 2020 election. Milley is a political hack and needs to go. But, he won’t resign and he won’t be fired, because his job as he sees it, was and is to facilitate Joe Biden before and after the inauguration.  His next pinned medal will be a Biden campaign button.

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