CODE RED: Biden's Ship Is Sinking, But His Crew Is Rearranging the Deck Chairs

Joe Biden’s approval number is sinking like the Titanic. He’s under 50% of the first time, but his 48.9% approval is an illusion. The majority of his support comes from party loyalists who don’t care about facts or what iceberg he hits – “He, not Trump”. That’s all they care about.  He’s not Trump.


Biden’s support among democrats remains in the 90% range which is pretty remarkable considering that we are at a record level of inflation, crime is out of control, the southern border is a disaster, and through remarkable ineptitude, Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal has left tens of thousands of Americans stranded outside the wire, with billions of dollars of equipment in the hands of cavemen.

Take away cool-aid drinking democrats, Biden’s numbers are so far underwater he’d get the bends coming back up. It’s not going to get better because there are too many holes to plug.  Even if Biden wakes up tomorrow and thinks Dr. Jill is a real doctor and just wants to stay in bed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and The Dick Van Dyke Show on the TV,  the first mate is no better.

Jen Psaki and the rest of Biden’s crew will continue to rearrange deck chairs or play party music as the ship slips into the inky black depths.


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