CODE RED: Biden's Credibility and Poll Numbers Are Dropping Like a Rock

If you didn’t watch President Biden’s speech, here is the executive summary.

It was a disaster.

He’s in a pure state of delusion. Biden told more lies than Pinocchio could dream of. He’s either completely delusional or he has been fed complete falsehoods by everyone around him. Maybe both.


He might believe what he’s saying but the people on the ground in Kabul are calling BS within seconds of his speech. He might think our allies are on board with his claims, but they are not.

A few days ago Biden said that the chaos in Kabul and at the airport was  “like four of five days ago”

America is watching in real-time as a sitting president dissolves into a pile of pudding.

Joe Biden and his poll numbers are dropping like a stone and with him, America’s credibility.


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