CODE RED: Afghanistan Is Lost. Don't Leave Our Allies Behind

My son deployed to Afghanistan and came home intact.   Some of his teammates didn’t survive and came back from a deployment in coffins. I’ve been asking, for years, why we are still there, but that doesn’t mean I want us to cut and run – to leave the people who helped us to fend for themselves.


There are hundreds of interpreters who aided us and need our help before that failed state falls back into barbarism. We were never going to turn Afghanistan into a democracy. I fear what we are seeing is a replay of Saigon 1975 with us leaving our friends and allies to find their own way out of hell.

Before we see people hanging from the slicks of Hueys, as helicopters depart from the roof of another US embassy, I hope Biden opens up our doors and welcomes the people who fought for America.

We cannot save Afghanistan. We can save the people who helped us.


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