CODE RED: Cheney's Dead RINO Dancing

If, as the saying goes, “all politics is local”, Liz Cheney is dead RINO walking. According to polling, Cheney’s popularity is about equal for Kamala Harris.


Cheney’s record of voting with Trump is well documented. She supported his policies, hated the man. She voted for his agenda, but broke ranks when January 6th happened. Ok, you can agree with her that Trump’s rally on the same day of certification was a bad idea that turned ugly and at the same time, disagree with her partnering with Pelosi to Potemkin village the January 6th commission. By added the moniker of  “bipartisanship” to pure political theater she’s sealed her fate. Maybe Harry Whittington forgave Dick for blasting him with buckshot, but it doesn’t look like Wyomingites will forgive Liz for her misfire at the Schiff show.

Dead RINO dancing


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