CODE RED COMICS: Voting. So Easy, Even a Democrat Can Do It

Veep Kamala Harris is a marvel. Not like a Marvel superhero; I mean, it’s a marvel she hasn’t drowned while drinking water. Her superpower is finding rakes to step on. Harris reaches new levels of absurdity each time she opens her mouth. Her latest was an interview with the head-of-straw Soledad O’Brien. I think the White House set up that interview as a reparative mission for the rake magnet. O’Brien, a self described feminist and one who can see systemic racism in a glass of milk, would feed our first woman and first female POC Veep, layups. She did, but that didn’t stop Harris from using her superpower.


O’Brien asked her about voter ID. With the expected wiffleball teed up, Harris delivered her prepared answer.

“I don’t think that we should underestimate what that could mean,” (Harris paused with a look of gravity)

“Because in some people’s mind, that means you’re going to have to Xerox or photocopy your ID to send it in to prove who you are. Well, there are a whole lot of people, especially people who live in rural communities, who don’t – there’s no Kinkos, there’s no OfficeMax near them.” 

“Of course, people have to prove who they are,” Harris concluded, “not in a way that makes it almost impossible for them to prove who they are.”

Harris sees rural America as a vast collection of dirty-faced, banjo-strumming kids, and moms with washboards. For VP Harris, rural America is a land “Of Mice and Men” — and Lenny is the mayor. Harris’ America is a vast swath of dullards who apparently have IDs but have no idea how to copy them.

It took me two minutes to pull this up. Rural America has electricity. No, seriously. In fact Rural America has about 72% Broadband coverage. It’s below urban areas but not by much. There are 330 million cellphones in America. “A whole lot” of them are owned by rural Americans.  Sixty-two percent of homes have a printer. Eighty-nine percent of adult Americans have driver’s licenses. Roads exist in rural America. No one needs a donkey to “git ta town for some grub.”


Anyone who wants to vote, can vote. Anyone who needs to copy their government issued ID, can. This isn’t rocket science. But if you are too dumb to push the copy button on your home printer — maybe you shouldn’t vote.

It’s so easy, even a Democrat can do it.


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