CODE RED COMICS: Pride Before the Fall

This has happened before. Not an inebriated gay guy plowing his car into other gay guys at a Pride Parade. Rather, the Left interpreting a “thing” into something it’s not: Terrorism.

Last year, Bubba Wallace’s team found a noose in his Talladega garage. NASCAR went nuts. The feds were called. The FBI invaded liked it was the beaches of Normandy. G Men cut it down, bagged it, and sent it to Quantico for analysis. Wallace went on social media (and CNN) and blamed racism. It wasn’t racism. It was just a rope. A pull-down rope for the garage door. It had been there for well over a year.

In Oakland, the mayor blamed race terrorism for a “noose” found in a park. She went on TV and used the appropriate “Not who we are” words, and vowed to track down the evil racists responsible. She didn’t have to track anyone down.

The guy responsible stepped forward. He’s black. The ropes were put up by him for working out. Exercise. They were clearly pull-up ropes. No matter. Even after Mayor Rake-In-The-Face found out the ropes were for exercise and were put up by a black man, she said “intentions don’t matter.” We know. Gaslighting doesn’t require facts. It requires the opposite.

In Ft. Lauderdale, Mayor Trantalis was literally at the scene where the “thing” happened. Yet predictably, he claimed the car accident was anti-gay terrorism. Even after learning the truth, he continued to dig into the dirt and shoveled more into his own face. Bring him a bigger shovel – he’s not done! Media will memory-hole his claim of terrorism because he’s “one of us.”