Code Red Comics: Détente's Inferno

Following the Putin-Biden summit,  Joe Biden claimed “I did what I came to do”. Well that’s not good. I guess getting worked by a thug was what he “came to do”. It was like watching Michael Corleone and Hyman Roth’s meet in Cuba. Biden, is the old prune Roth and like Roth, Biden’s convinced that he has the upper hand when, in fact, he’s being worked.

The sitting room scene with Biden and Putin facing each other is another tell. Putin is man-spreading like a Baboon male showing his ‘Alpha’ to the Beta male. Biden has his legs crossed and his hands folded like he’s at his cotillion waiting for his date. We don’t know what happened after the press left the room. We do know Biden gave Putin a “Please don’t hit” list of infrastructure sites. Cool.

I can imagine Putin got a good laugh out of that. “Da, Mr President thank you… everything else is open to attack. Good to know”

It was good thing they didn’t walk out together. There’s a really good chance Putin would have slapped a “kick me” sticky on Joe’s back and called it a day.