Obama's nationwide speech tonight....Here comes the Boom!

I recently had to have surgery, and being a nurse myself, the relationship between the patient and the medical professionals becomes somewhat more informal. As I lay in the operating room, the anesthesiologist asked me to breathe in the “oxygen” and I said, “that’s not oxygen,” she said, “you’re right,” I said, “here comes the boom!” Last thing I remember was a roar of laughter, and it was lights out.


Our finger-pointer-in-chief, is going to give a speech tonight to the nation about “terrorism.” He has too, he is about to loose control of his tone-deaf “terrorism” narrative in this county. Reality is starting to destroy the message coming from him and his administration. Make no mistake, the terrorism theme is the “oxygen.” This speech will have absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. It will be  a sermon about gun control, and how wrong it is for Americans to be islamophobic.

He will lament how such an attack would not have been possible had there not been the “easy access” to guns. Again, this is the “oxygen.” What he means by “easy access” is “no access” to guns. Even though Cailfornia has the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation.

He will then sermonize and attempt to guilt American’s into not being “islamophobic.” He will come just short of saying that any American that sees all Musliams as terrorist as racist.


Part of our DNA, from cave-man to modern day man is survival. Two inherent parts of survival is being able to defend one’s self, and the be aware of threats. It is part of  “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,” safety. It is completely understanding for American’s to be wary of any Muslim’s they encounter. Obama is going to do his best to counter that. He is going against human nature.

Here comes the boom.





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