Canada's P.M. Orders Government to Study Full Ban on Handguns and 'Assault' Weapons

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gestures during a roundtable discussion with members of the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Cambridge, Mass., Thursday, May 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau directed his Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, Bill Blair, to look into banning handguns and “assault” weapons completely (“while not impeding the lawful use of firearms by Canadians”). In a longwinded “Mandate Letter” Trudeau listed what Blair’s top priorities will be and among them is this silly nugget.


Support the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness on the passage of Bill C-71, and work together on additional policy, regulations or legislation that could reduce crime involving the use of firearms and keep Canadians safe. You should lead an examination of a full ban on handguns and assault weapons in Canada, while not impeding the lawful use of firearms by Canadians.

Depending on how they define “assault weapons,” an all out ban could potentially leave Canadians only certain hunting rifles and certain shotguns with which to defend themselves. Canada’s current gun laws are much more restrictive than ours. So much so that they probably cause sexual arousal for Michael Bloomberg. The guns for which Trudeau wants to study a ban are already relatively difficult to obtain and a good many bureaucratic approvals already impede “the lawful use of firearms by Canadians.”

Even in the more Orwellian nation in North America it is probably still true that making any particular firearm illegal will only keep it out of the hands of citizens who care about obeying the law.

Incidents like the one in Toronto earlier this year in which Faisal Hussain went on a shooting spree killing 2 and wounding 13 are more than likely the impetus for Trudeau’s desire to study prohibiting Canadians from legally obtaining handguns. (I wonder if they ever discovered Hussain’s motive for his violent act. That certainly is a tough not to crack. There’s just no easy answer that won’t get y0u charged with hate speech in Canada.)


Such a ban more than likely would not have stopped Hussain from committing murder though. It seems as though he obtained his weapon illegally anyway.

The madman who opened fire on a busy Toronto street used a semi-automatic handgun that he obtained in the US from a “gang-related source,” according to a report.

American authorities are now helping Toronto police track down the precise origins of Faisal Hussain’s gun, CTV News reported, citing a police source familiar with the investigation.

Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns. It’s become a cliche because it is for the most part true.

Our neighbors to the north have always had a much sketchier notion of individual liberty than we have here in America. There’s obviously no question that many in the U.S.A. are succumbing to the same misguided notions about giving up our freedom so that the government can take care of us at all times, so this bit of news out of America’s hat should make you take notice because it will give our resident anti-gun lunatics ideas.


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