The Astoundingly Vile Hypocrisy of Alleged Catholic Nancy Pelosi

As Duke reported earlier, House Speaker Paul Ryan has forced the resignation of the House Chaplain Father Patrick Conroy.  This has maelstrom of hypocrisy among Democrats, especially from the left’s queen bee, Nancy Pelosi.


I’m sure some smarmy staffer got cookie for coming up with the cheesy pray/prey line for Nancy but, wow. These words coming from the allegedly Catholic Democrat minority leader create a pot/kettle clash of epic proportions.

I’m tempted to attribute this to Pelosi’s lack of self-awareness but I believe she is fully aware of how specious her grandstanding is. She just knows that she can get away with it because America lacks a real news media. “News” today is just competing spin operations between the tribes on left and right. The left’s news tribe is a lot bigger so Nancy knows nobody will cover her flagrant disregard for reality.

But let’s take a look this objectively. We don’t really know the reasons behind Ryan’s decision with regard to Conroy. Lots of people will claim to know it and miraculously the reason they give will dovetail perfectly with their political agenda, but they’re blowing smoke.


Just for the sake of argument let’s say that Ryan ousted Conroy for partisan political reasons. Does that rise to the level of preying on someone? Words have meaning and connotations. A Jesuit priest being reassigned hardly warrants such—dare I say—violent rhetoric. That’s the least problem with this nonsense though.

The real issue here is that Nancy Pelosi, one of the top elected leaders of a party that once literally booed God at their national convention, has no standing to attack others on grounds of Christian hypocrisy. Her party and her fellow alleged Catholic Democrats work tirelessly to prevent anyone from placing the slightest limit on the practice of abortion that kills millions of children every year.

Her party’s policies have destroyed the nuclear family among the poor, driving fathers from the home so that generations have grown up without a positive male role model. Then they blame they rise in crime on guns and attack the law abiding citizens who own them.

She led the effort to push America toward a government healthcare system like the one that not only decided that Alfie Evans’ life wasn’t worth the effort but also unjustly forbade his family from seeking help elsewhere.


Nancy Pelosi’s faith informs her that enforcing our country’s border is evil while those who break immigration laws are sacrosanct. Not only would she have us look the other way when people break the law, she would have us believe that they don’t even have a moral obligation to obey the law. (Ever notice how the DACA debate never touches on the so called “dreamers'” responsibility to get right with the law? Do you think people like Pelosi would be so forgiving of people who through no fault of their own found themselves delinquent on their income taxes?)

That she can use what amounts to a government staffing issue as an example of Republican religious inconsistency without being struck by lightning on the spot is enough to make one take a second look at atheism.




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