'Idiot Fight!': Roger Stone Has Juvenile Spat with Former Trump Aide Sam Nunberg

President Trump promised to surround himself with the “best people.” Given the busloads of people he’s fired in his first year he must be trying to fulfill that promise strictly through trial and error. Someone with a good head for personnel decisions would never have had clowns like Roger Stone or Sam Nunberg in his orbit.


Everyone surely remembers Nunberg’s seemingly innebriated media blitz where he said he’d refuse to comply with a subpoena to appear before Robert Mueller’s grand jury, before appearing before that grand jury a few days later.

There just seems to be a lot of ax grinding and back stabbing among Trump’s people. That’s partly because Washington generally attracts ladder-climbing weasels and partly because Trump attracts people like himself.

Roger Stone took his disdain to social media after Sam Nunberg made remarks about Stone trying to “ingratiate himself” back into Trump’s good graces.

Roger Stone responded on Instagram with choice words for Nunberg, calling the former Trump aide a “psycho” and a “lying a**hole” with a “serious cocain problem.”

A cigar chomping Stone posted an Instagram video in which he said “Nunberg is a cocain addict and any news organization that takes anything he said seriously is courting a serious lawsuit.”


He punctuated the statement with, “Cokehead.”

Other recent Stone instagram posts are aimed at The Daily Beast for running stories based on information from Nunberg. One assumes. that publication is the target of his lawsuit threat.

The thing about trying to work with the “best people” in Washington is that Washington (and political power) attracts the absolute worst people. The truly best people want no part of jumping into that crab basket.

That either of these two idiots were associated with the Trump campaign or administration in any capacity is not a sign that Trump has good judgement.




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