Delicate Flowers of Gun Paranoia 'Concerned' by Educational Grants from NRA Foundation

The anti-NRA hysteria among the delicate flowers of the gun paranoia movement has reached new levels of stupid. Now some idiots are expressing concerns about schools receiving grants from the National Rifle Association Foundation for educational programs.


The horror.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reportss that the evil bastards at the NRA Foundation award a lot of money to education and youth oriented programs.

The National Rifle Association Foundation has awarded $7.3 million grants to schools and youth programs since 2010, and three of the recipients are in the Fort Worth area.

Benbrook Middle School’s Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program received a $6,225 non-cash grant in 2015 for “competitive shooting,” according to an Associated Press analysis of community grants listed in the NRA Foundation’s tax filings.

In Saginaw, the Eagle Mountain 4H Club received a $5,212 cash and non-cash grant ($520 of it in cash) in 2011 for “youth equipment.”

Also, a third grant was awarded to a Grapevine organization. That $10,000 grant was awarded in 2010 to the Starkey Hearing Foundation for “youth programs.” Starkey provides hearing aids for those in need worldwide, according to the organization’s website.

AP began gathering data on NRA Foundation youth donations after the shooting last month at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., where the shooter had belonged to the school’s Army JROTC progam that had NRA Foundation grant funding in 2016.


The school board for the district which contains Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School voted to no longer accept grant money from the NRA Foundation after the Parkland shooting, ostensibly because the shooter had once been part of the junior ROTC program that received some funding from the NRA Foundation.

I guess they caught on to the NRA’s secret plan to support educational programs for thousands of kids as a cover for their real goal of supporting and encouraging one deranged murderer for whom the FBI and sheriff’s department ignored multiple explicit warnings and danger signals.

In South Bend, Indiana, a dumb guy on the school board is “concerned” about taking free money from the NRA for programs of which the board has presumably already approved.

Stan Wruble, South Bend school board president, said he didn’t know about the NRA grant to Washington High School’s Air Force Junior ROTC club in 2014 until he was contacted by The Tribune Friday, but he is concerned.

“I’ll be bringing this up with the school board and the superintendent,” Wruble said. “I do not think it’s appropriate for any of our schools to receive money from the NRA because I don’t want guns in our schools. My understanding is the NRA promotes arming our teachers and I think more guns in our schools is going to lead to more deaths or injuries.”

Stan is the president of the entire school board and he thinks that taking money from the NRA Foundation for existing educational programs like junior ROTC, the Boy Scouts, or *gasp* an adult supervised competitive shooting club is somehow going to help implement armed teacher policy. He’s totally not just acting out of complete ignorance and irrational bigotry. It makes total sense. Doesn’t it?

The grants awarded to schools are just a small share of the $61 million the NRA Foundation has given to a variety of local groups since 2010. But it has grown rapidly, increasing nearly fourfold from 2010 to 2014 in what some opponents say is a thinly veiled attempt to recruit the next generation of NRA members.

[Insert dramatic sting]

How dare a membership organization seek new members? The audacity. Keep in mind that the “opponents” here are the same people who took traumatized children fresh from a school shooting and used them for a guncontrollapallooza media blitz before the bodies of their dead friends were even in the ground properly in a not so “thinly veiled” attempt to smear millions of NRA members.

Annual reports from the pro-gun group say its grant program was started in 1992 and raises money through local Friends of NRA chapters. It says half the proceeds from local fundraisers go to local grants and half goes to the national organization. Tax records show roughly $19 million in grants going to the group’s Virginia headquarters in 2015 and in 2016.

Somebody should call the FBI and have them investigate people raising money to use for shared, legal interests and activities. Or maybe the Browerd County Sheriff’s office. They’ll get to the bottom of it.



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