'Tantamount to Hitler' - NAACP Head Goes Nuts Opposing Trump Judicial Nominee



Rational debate is not possible when people like this are involved. The “Reverend” T. Anthony Spearman who heads up the North Carolina NAACP told media and U.S. Senators on Capitol Hill that Trump judicial nominee Thomas Farr presiding over decisions involving African Americans “is tantamount to Adolf Hitler wreaking havoc among our Jewish sisters and brothers, and Saul, who later became the apostle Paul, breathing out cruelty to Christians.”

“To place this judicial district in the hands of Tom Farr for the rest of his life is the cruelest insult the government could place on my ancestors and millions of natives of the black belt who worked the region’s rich black soils for centuries,” Spearman said at the news conference last week, renewing questions about Farr’s work defending the Jesse Helms’ campaign.

In the aftermath of Helms’ 1990 re-election campaign, Farr was part of the defense against U.S. Justice Department complaints of voter intimidation after postcards were sent to more than 100,000 mostly black voters telling them they were ineligible to vote and might be arrested if they tried.

“Tom Farr in the Eastern District with the legal authority to decide the fate of African-Americans — hear me somebody — is tantamount to Adolf Hitler wreaking havoc among our Jewish sisters and brothers, and Saul, who later became the apostle Paul, breathing out cruelty to Christians,” Spearman added.


Farr has stated that the voter suppression post card scheme was something he found appalling and he had no hand in it. He did legally represent the Jesse Helms campaign on the matter though. The last I checked, everyone in this country, regardless of what they are accused of having done, is entitled to legal representation.

I have little trouble believing an election in North Carolina had some cynical, racially based chicanery. In a world where the left tells us that African Americans are too feeble minded or poor to acquire and present a photo ID to vote, it’s difficult to know the true extent of political shenanigans, especially when there is extreme hyperbolic rhetoric like that of Spearman.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that Tom Farr was actually the sole mastermind behind a crooked scheme to send misinformation to black voters in order to affect their turnout in an election. Say Farr concocted the misinformation, wrote the copy in sufficiently ominous terms, printed the postcards, and hand delivered every one personally to every recipient while laughing maniacally. Is that “tantamount to Hitler wreaking havoc” among Jews? Of course it isn’t.

It is perhaps tantamount to Democrats perrenially using scare tactics to get blacks to vote against Republicans. Perhaps it’s tantamount to Joe Biden saying that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were going to put blacks “back in chains.” However, there is one hell of a lot of territory between that and the extermination of millions of Jews.


Anyone who would use such language to oppose a judicial nominee is not someone who should be taken seriously.

Does that mean Farr is a spotless nominee? Of course not.

It does mean that Spearman is one of the people helping to make the NAACP appear to be just a ridiculous tool of the extreme left.

Spearman chides white people for not “dignifying” Barack Obama’s presidency while admitting that he refuses to do the same for Donald Trump’s. He also has said that he doesn’t know whether “integration” was a good thing.

He’s a racist nut accusing others of being racist nuts.



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