The Next Scapegoat in Trump's Decidedly Democrat Approach to Gun Violence Is Video Games

Here’s something that may have slipped by in Sarah Huckabee Sanders press briefing today. In a move most likely in response to the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, President Trump is scheduled to meet with representatives of the video game industry next week.


Just call him “Tipper.” Next thing you know he’ll be seeking to curtail violent lyrics in “the rap” music.

Sanders answered a rambling (and rather stupid) question about why President Trump doesn’t have the “clout” to make Congress “bend to his will” on gun control legislation.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily about ‘bending to his will.’ I think it’s about an ongoing discussion about the best pieces of legislation that they can put forward. Yesterday was certainly an important part of that. The President has met with a number of stakeholders. Next week he’ll also be meeting with members of the video game industry to see what they can do on that front as well.”

So this administration views video games as a “front” in dealing with gun violence and preventing school shootings. I’m not aware of any significant mention of video games in the life of Nikolas Cruz who murdered 17 people in Parkland. This is garbage populism. It will play well with the aging nanny staters who think the “vidya games” are bad for kids. Never mind proving any causal link between video games and gun violence. We don’t need that sort of egghead nonsense.


Just use the bully pulpit to intimidate game manufacturers into making their product more warm and fuzzy. That’s the conservative thing to do after all. Right? Let’s take actions that would never have prevented the crime which prompted us to take them.

Just like the NRA, the video game industry did not ignore multiple tips to the FBI about Cruz being a potential school shooter. The video game industry didn’t camp out in the parking lot with Sheriff’s deputies while kids were getting killed. Scapegoating them is lazy and a sign that appearing to address the problem is more important than actually addressing it. And make no mistake, the President of the United States meeting with the video game industry regarding gun violence does constitute scapegoating them. If video games caused gun violence, America would be little more than a smoking crater.

The “yesterday” she refers to is when President Trump, despite all the pipe dream propaganda painting him as a constitutionalist, showed his true colors, expressing a desire for “taking the guns first” and worrying about due process at a later date. RedState’s Caleb Howe addressed why it’s appropriate to “freak out” over Trump’s Democrat approach to guns.


I think it’s appropriate to freak out over this as well. It’s a failure of leadership in general because Trump is going down a rabbit hole when he could be addressing real problems. It’s also a failure for all those people who said “but Hillary gonna take all our guns!”



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