Anti-Gun but Pro-Violence: Vandalized Billboard Shocks Kentuckians

Despite having no logical argument for the assertion, many on the left continue to blame the National Rifle Association every time a mass shooting is perpetrated. Hopes of having a rational discussion about policies that might prevent horrendous gun crimes are virtually nil thanks to idiotic sentiments like the slogan spray painted on this Kentucky billboard.


Sure, this is just one act of vandalism but anyone who is paying attention sees the NRA falsely demonized and called a “terrorist” organization all the time by the online brethren of whomever tagged this billboard. It’s only a matter of time before another nut gets convinced that he’s fighting a war and people who support the second amendment are an enemy who can be justifiably killed.

A vandalized billboard along a major interstate in Louisville is calling out the National Rifle Association following the recent school shootings in Kentucky and Florida.

The sign along Interstate 65 northbound near the Fern Valley Road exit reads “Kill the NRA.” The billboard is also tagged with “Resist 45,” a group that opposes President Donald Trump.

Photos of it have been making the rounds on social media. The billboard is owned by Outfront Media, which did not immediately return a voicemail left Tuesday morning.

It seems pretty clear that being “anti-gun” has nothing to do with being against violence. Violence is perfectly okay with some NRA haters provided that the violence is aimed at the target of their hate.


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