Moore Accuser Expresses Regret, Some May Be Surprised About Why

Beverly Nelson who has accused Roy Moore of sexual misconduct has some regrets. They have nothing to do with the news that she added a date and location to Moore’s signature in her high school yearbook—an act that some people motivated by tribalism (and a complete disregard for the meaning of words) would have you believe constitutes “forgery.”


Nelson now says she regrets voting for Trump.

The women who accused GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexually abusing her at age 16 expressed her disgust Friday with President Trump’s support of the accused pedophile.

Beverly Young Nelson, 55, actually voted for Trump last year despite his own host of sexual abuse allegations — and now she regrets her decision.

“President Trump has chosen to support a powerful politician like Mr. Moore over women like me, who accused Roy Moore of preying on them,” the Republican voter said at a news conference.

“It seems it is just business as usual in the White House. The swamp is getting deeper, and has not been drained.”

Wait. Nelson voted for Trump so he could “drain the swamp?” I thought all these women coming forward about Roy Moore were just Democrat operatives making up stories to hurt the campaign of a conservative Republican.

Her feeling of regret probably wasn’t helped by Trump throwing her to a Pensacola MAGA crowd like a hunk of red meat.


In his Pensacola pep rally, Trump blasted Nelson’s account and her high-profile attorney. “Any time you see (Allred) you know something’s going wrong,” he said.

Trump’s appearance was widely viewed as a backdoor boost for the Moore campaign without the President actually traveling to the state.

Allred’s involvement is admittedly never a good sign. She’s a gross opportunist partisan hack, but automatically labeling all her clients as politically motivated liars is exactly the same kind of partisan hackery aimed at manipulating the gullible.


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