Lunatic Paul Nehlen Defends Moore While Associating Speaker Ryan with Pedophilia

I have no problem with mounting primary challenges against the top dogs in Congress but in Wisconsin, Paul Nehlen’s campaign to unseat Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is like a clinic on how not to win…and how to look like a crazy person in the process. In a recent campaign press release, Nehlen declares Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore “falsely accused” and says Ryan is guilty of accepting “pedophile” money from disgraced former Speaker Denny Hastert.


Nehlen has vehemently defended Moore on Twitter while also launching vicious and crude attacks against anyone who suggests Moore is not fit for office if he’s the sort of character who would attempt to take advantage of underage girls. In true paranoid fashion, Nehlen calls charges against Moore an attempt at a “coup.”

If you need more evidence that Nehlen is a nutter, his message is resonating with Gateway Pundit and he’s okay with that.

Here’s the content of the press release in full.

Nehlen to Ryan: “Judge Moore Was Falsely Accused, But You Are Guilty Of Spending Filthy Pedophile Dollars”

Delavan, WI — Republican congressional candidate Paul Nehlen is calling on Speaker Ryan to account for his use of dirty donations from disgraced deviant Denny Hastert, former Speaker of the House, and a frequent contributor to Ryan’s campaign.

“Of all the politicians to fail to defend Judge Roy Moore against false allegations, Paul Ryan enjoys special place in the pantheon of hypocrisy” Nehlen began.

“Speaker Ryan has created an atmosphere where the Democrats can falsely smear a righteous candidate with stories of moral impropriety,” Nehlen said. “This is exceptional from man who himself is on record taking money from a convicted pedophile. I ask, what funhouse mirror do you have to use to look yourself in the face, Ryan?” Nehlen continued.

“Other recipients of Denny Hastert’s money saw the error in their ways, but the Witless Washington Wonk used the ‘We Spent It’ defense when he should have rightly gathered a pile of funds and demonstrated the concept of fungibility he so often lectures us plebes on,” Nehlen said.

“Ryan won’t drain the swamp, but Judge Moore will,” Nehlen asserted. “That’s why the fake conservatives like Paul Ryan are lining up against Judge Moore. They know their day of reckoning is close at hand.”

“The Washington Post hasn’t done a single good thing for the people of Alabama in the last 40 years, so it’s hardly surprising that nobody in Alabama believes WaPo over Judge Moore, a man who has made significant personal sacrifices for his beliefs and those of his fellow Alabamians,” Nehlen said.

“Paul Ryan keeping Denny Hastert’s sticky donations ought to disqualify Ryan from making judgements on anyone accused of moral impropriety, especially Judge Moore, who to this day denies the accusations, while Ryan gleefully benefits from his position because of his pedophile payroll partner,” Nehlen concluded.


Wishful thinking and knee jerk reactions have most of the MAGA gang dismissing the Roy Moore sexual misconduct allegations as “fake news” but in light of the latest evidence, that’s starting to look less like political spin and more like abject denial.

For years I’ve disagreed with the conventional wisdom on primary challenges against ensconced Republicans. I hate the “team sport” mentality that lets Congressional Representatives in safe districts hold on to their seat as if it were a life long appointment.

The GOP jersey wearers attack and demean primary challenges as a waste of resources and/or a betrayal of the party, but you don’t change a party by continuing to send the same people to Washington and expecting them to give you different results.  Politicians who know they’re “safe” soon become unaccountable.

So in principle I have no gripes about primarying Paul Ryan. That being said, I think primary challenges should be mounted by good candidates and not buffoonish losers like Paul Nehlan who spew nonsense like this to get attention. If anything is a detriment to real change in the GOP it’s knuckleheads like Nehlen making Republican leadership look sensible and effective by comparison.


If the allegations against Moore continue to be corroborated it wont hurt Nehlen too badly because he really has no credibility to lose at this point. I suspect that Speaker Ryan wouldn’t even need whatever money he received from Hastert to beat Nehlen by 70 points again anyway.


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