Yikes! Flood Waters in Houston Hold All Sorts of Dangerous Creepy Crawlers

Ok, maybe Jesse Watters got suckered by a fake photo of a shark swimming down a flooded Houston freeway, but there are some legitimate examples of wild—and some dangerous—creatures accompanying Hurricane Harvey’s flood waters.


The flooding in some areas is so bad that alligators swam OVER the fence into Arlene Gonzalez Kelsch’s yard.

Kelsch posted a video to Facebook showing an alligator swimming in her yard, and she panned the camera to show the gator had been joined by a second reptile.

The video shows how the floodwaters rose above a section of her fence, allowing the alligators to swim into the pond that used to be her back yard.

A man caught what looks like a catfish in his living room, giving his family a moment of laughter during the disaster.

A hawk decided to take a cab ride to get away from the storm. He later got picked up by a wildlife rehab organization.

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?



This last one is really creepy though. Imagine being a victim or rescuer traversing the flood waters and running into a raft of fire ants.

The insects effectively form life rafts, with those on the outer layers creating an almost air-tight hull, to ferry thousands of their fellow ants to safe, dry landing areas.

But if the creatures are disturbed (think thousands of human evacuees stumbling away from flooded homes and businesses) the result can be unpleasant and potentially dangerous. The bugs are known to sting en masse — a particularly worrisome outcome for anyone allergic to their alkaloid venom.



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