Governor Gasbag Is Disgusted by Ted Cruz's 'Reprehensible' Opposition to Pork Barrel Spending

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is not shy about giving you his opinion even when his opinion is a rotten load of northeastern Republican pork.

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Governor Gasbag joined fellow garbage Republican Peter King in condemning Senator Ted Cruz for his opposition to opportunistic pork barrel spending that some in Congress tried to sneak through under the guise of Hurricane Sandy disaster aid. Christie told CNN that he is disgusted by Ted Cruz.


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie slammed Sen. Ted Cruz Wednesday morning over what he said was the Texas Republican’s double standard in opposing Superstorm Sandy relief but requesting federal aid for Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

“I have no sympathy for this — and I see Sen. Cruz and it’s disgusting to me that he stands in a recovery center with victims standing behind him as a backdrop,” he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.” “He’s still repeating the same reprehensible lies about what happened in Sandy (and) called on Congress Wednesday morning to work fast on a bill to aid Texas after Hurricane Harvey.”
Chris Christie is a bigger lying liar than Peter King. RedState’s Streiff pointed out earlier this week how the Superstorm Sandy bill was used as a vehicle for an orgy of unrelated federal spending.

The Sandy aid bill started out as a tight $17 billion package to which New Jersey Republican Rodney Frelinghuysen added $33 BILLION in pork, or at least something that could pass for pork in broad daylight. There were such things as $500 million for weather forecasting and to help create an ocean zoning plan; $10 million for FBI salaries; $2 billion for road construction across the country; funding for the Head Start program; roof repairs at the Smithsonian; $150 million for fisheries across the country; and 16 billion for the Community Development Block Grant program–the favorite political slush fund of big city mayors.

In short, 80% of the mammoth bill would be spent more than a year after the disaster and over a fifth of it would not be spent on anything remotely resembling disaster aid.

You know what’s disgusting and reprehensible Governor Christie? People who use natural disasters as opportunities to waste taxpayer dollars and then lie about people who don’t go along with it.



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