For Crying Out Loud, The Right Needs to Stop Doing This With Children

Do you want Tomi Lahrens? Because this is how you get Tomi Lahrens.

For some reason, Fox and Friends interviewed a 12 year old girl over the weekend. Her claim to fame is being 12 years old and supporting Donald Trump. Apparently she made a big viral splash at CPAC which makes me wonder why F&F is dragging her out now. Some people I’ve talked to speculated that some over zealous stage-parents are trying to cash in on their precocious daughter’s ability to pretend to be an adult.


Here’s the excruciating video.

Just last week F&F did a segment about a boy named “Pickle” who wrote a letter to Trump asking him to be his friend. The hosts gushed about how “awesome” it was that the nine year old had a Trump themed birthday party.

Here’s another excruciating video.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders read Pickle’s letter in a White House press briefing. I guess the intent was to shame the antagonistic press by showing them that a nine year old has a positive opinion of the President. I don’t know.

These are children. They don’t know anything. They have no life experience to use to judge things. A child should not be a political figure or a political prop. Remember Jonathan Krohn? Or how about C.J. Pearson?

Don’t treat these kids as if they’ve looked at all the options and have cemented their ideology. It might all just be a way to get the attention of political parents. It might be all clever imitation. They might remain on the Right when they grow up or they might not. Don’t put them under a spotlight and use them to advance your agenda, regardless of what that agenda is.


Let kids be kids.




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